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What do kids that go to selective school end up becoming? Is going to a selective school worth it?

The majority of those kids end up being:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers

Our of my final year level at a selective school, I’d say that 90% went to a high ranking University – e.g. Melbourne University and Monash University in Victoria or applied interstate to get a position into Medicine/Dentistry.

Out of my closest friendship group – one works as a lawyer in a global law firm overseas, the other as a dentist, and two as doctors with one training to become a surgeon.

Compare that with my friendship group back at the school I previously went to which was a catholic school in the suburbs.  From what I know of the girls I knew back then:

  • 2 became real estate agents
  • 2 became receptionists
  • 1 became a waitress.

It doesn't mean however, that your school determines your success as I’ve seen three of the girls from that original school do really well.  One is a solicitor in a top tier law firm, the other a scientist and another in local politic.  But again, that’s three in the whole year level of over 100 students (minority) whereas in a selective school, it would be the majority.

I might sound biased because I tutor students to obtain school places, however, I went to both a selective school and prior to that a suburban catholic school so can give you some insight as to whether a selective school is worth it.

  1. Financial cost – A selective school is a government school aka public school so there aren't any school fees really.  We had a ‘voluntary contribution’ that was around $3,000 each year that you could pay.  The cost of that education was much less than the catholic school and the school uniforms, books etc… were on par.  It was nothing near the $30,000 of private schools.  So what you’re getting is a low cost but excellent education.
  2. Attitude – I think the attitude with my friends within selective schools was that if you work hard enough and keep working hard, you’re going to get the results.  Conversely, it was the other way at the previous school, where the view was an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality.  In fact, I remember it was an attitude that even the teachers shared.  Attitude is really important in learning and an ‘us’ and ‘them’ view is not really productive.  Cultivating the right attitude is needed to achieve successful outcomes and that’s why I believe selective schools are worth it.

There are:

  • 1 selective school in Brisbane – Brisbane State High School
  • 1 selective school in Perth – Perth Modern School
  • 4 selective schools in Melbourne – Macrob, Melbourne High, Nossal and Suzanne Cory
  • Numerous selective schools in Sydney with the most well known being Sydney Girls and James Ruse.