The Higher School Certificate (HSC) Exam

5 Simple HSC Exam Preparation Tips

Below 5 easy tips you can implement into your study HSC exam preparation

1. Increase your writing speed by writing practice essays

Not only will this help you improve essay writing skills but it will help you increase your speed. Being able to write fast is a great advantage!

 2. Choose a study space that works for you

Minimise distractions in your study area. This means keep mobile phones, Facebook, magazines, game consoles or other electronic devices away. They should be placed out of sight and out of mind. You could even try to study in different places to help you get adjusted to new environments.

 3. Adopt learning techniques that work for you

One technique to help learn your notes is to create flashcards to write up questions on the front with answers on the back. Go through them by reading the questions, answering them, and then checking them.

You can also create acronyms or mnemonics to help you memorise notes.

It’s helpful to use diagrams, tables, graphs, mind maps or flow charts as well as writing summaries and dot points, because they will make your notes more visually stimulating, and easier to study from and memorise.

 4. Reward yourself!

After all that hard work, reward yourself! Enjoy a movie after a solid study session.

This will help you stay motivated to study as you look forward to the reward.

Alternatively treat yourself to a sweet treat! But avoid caffeine during the evening because it will affect your sleep and performance at school the next day.

 5. Exercise!

Ensure you take breaks from studying so that you’re not stressed. Trying to study with a stressed mind won’t do you any favours.

Research has shown that exercise helps control stress levels and helps concentration levels remain in tact!

Go for a walk or sweat it out with some more intense exercise. It’ll allow your body to work out physically rather than just mentally. Getting that heart pumping will help release all the stress building up inside of you.

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