The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Exam

5 quick study tips for WACE exams

Your WACE exams are just around the corner. Although you’ve probably been preparing throughout the whole of Year 12 for this moment there’s still some final study to be done.

We’ve put together 5 quick tips on ‘How to study for your WACE exams’ – which don’t involve cramming the night before – that will help you get the ATAR result you want!

1. Organise your WACE subjects in lists

Preparing for WACE exams should involve planning your study time by your WACE exam timetable, and your subjects and sub-topics that need more time. Here is how we suggest you get organised:

• Write a list of your WACE subjects.

• Break each WACE subject down into the topics that you will need to know for the exam.

• Highlight the topics that you already know and prioritise on studying the ones you don’t.

• Order your subject study order based on your WACE exam timetable.

2. Plan blocks of study time

Now that you have your WACE subjects and topics listed you can put time aside to study each day. One of the most effective ways to plan study time is by arranging your day into ‘blocks’, which allows you to take breaks in between different subjects.

• Book in 6 – 8 study blocks a day.

• Each block should be 50 minutes long with a 10 minute break at the end.

• After 3 blocks in a row you’ll need a longer break - book 45 minutes.

• ‘Mix up’ your subject blocks - moving from one topic to another will stop you from getting bored.

3. Pick or set-up the right study space

Once your plan is in place you’ll need the right space to make studying for your WACE exams easier and more productive. Your perfect study space should have the following:

• A big desk – you’re going to need the space for all your notes and textbooks.

• A comfy chair – you will be sitting for most of your sessions so make sure you’re comfortable!

• Mixed lighting –a mix of natural and artificial light, such as a desk lamp, will take the strain off your eyes and ensure you don’t get headaches.

4. Get social (no, not on Facebook!)

Most tips tell you to keep active but that means more than just taking a walk; stay in touch with friends and family as well! It helps to have people to talk to about WACE stress, any subjects you are not sure about and to give you a real break from studying!

• Go for a 30 minute walk – it will help clear your head and allow you to stretch out after sitting at a desk all day.

• Make plans to see your friends or go out with family in between your study time, treat it as a reward for finishing a topic!

• Study together! Some of your friends will probably be taking the same WACE subjects; use this as a chance to ask about something that you might not understand and offer your assistance if they are struggling with something.

5. Keep a routine

A good routine will help you get the most out of what little time you have left to study so try and stick to it.  It can take a while to set a habit, so persevere!

• Go to bed and get up at the same time every day- this helps regulate how much sleep you get.

• Eat regular meals and snacks - your brain can’t focus properly when you’re hungry.

• Work out when you feel most productive then plan to study at that time every day.

Following these 5 simple WACE exam study tips will put you on the right track towards getting the ATAR score you want.

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